some inktober stuff that i did~

taking pictures of magical girl miku! she’s just so cutee <3

also took pictures of m y friend’s black hanekawa and saber lily figures! wahh it’s so hard taking pictures of that saber! i don’t know whyy guhh. 

took pictures of my megahouse morgiana yesterday! water pictures are so much fun!

while we’re on the subject of updates. kurisu pictures from ages ago~

photo taken by guwah!

oops haven’t posted anything in forever. took pictures of the waifu today~ she’s so pretty guhh.

for higher quality/more shots, flickr!

two years difference! gahaha. make-up learned! new wig bought! (and didn’t screw up the bangs)… lots of other small changes but you can’t really see them in this picture.

still unhappy with my kurisu cosplay though! ;w; first thing first… get fit and lose some flab flab flab!

El psy congroo.

mayuri shiina - guwah
kurisu makise - mishacchi


"Prepare to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly!"
Nonon Jakuzure - Kill la Kill
Cosplay - moegyoku (me!)
Photographer - guwah 

Full body pictures and all that jazz will come later~ But for now some pictures that my sister took that I like!