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hello! my name is misha~ i'm a cosplayer & photographer from dfw area in texas! this tumblr is basically my art tumblr so you'll find pictures of my cosplay, doodles, and figures. i hope you enjoy them! ♥

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1 month ago
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as for figures! i got my mikasa figma and my tomoko nendoroid! the miku compilation is from 39の日!miku day! and kurisu waifu valentine’s day picture of course. ♥♥♥ i have so many kurisu figures now yeyyy! i’m happy.

1 month ago
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i haven’t posted cosplay stuff in so long! oopsies! abandoned this tumblr kinda… moegyoku is the tumblr that i use for lots of reblogging and stuff so follow me there and i’ll follow back! this is just a reference/cosplay portfolio tumblr type of dealio~

anyways! have some selcas from mini-akon and from anime matsuri! :D

1 month ago
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Series: Magi: The Labyrinth of MagicCharacters: Scheherazade and Titus AlexiusCosplayers: Tsurupettan CosplayPhotographer: Majin Buchoy

Series: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Characters: Scheherazade and Titus Alexius
Cosplayers: Tsurupettan Cosplay
Photographer: Majin Buchoy

2 months ago
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— 2014 cosplan

suddenly decided to make nonon for a-kon woop woop. my whole cosplay list is all rearranged now~ i don’t know what i’m doing!

i’m excited for a-kon kill la kill group though! we got the main characters and the main side characters! :D (except for nui and ragyou).

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3 months ago
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here are some selcas and silly pictures that mochibichan and i took C:

3 months ago
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Went to the Eva 3.0 screening last night and had a great time. We accidentally arrived a little late but I was able to take some pictures after the movie!

Shinji & Asuka:

eva 3.0 screening/premiere was so much fun! i cosplayed asuka! >3< didn’t have a plug suit or anything so we just kinda did a casual wear type of thing. it was great! i hope they’ll bring 4.0 here!

3 months ago
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figure update! i cleaned my room and put up all of the posters and artist alley prints that i got from all the cons that i’ve been too. whoohoo! i actually have to go fix them today since the tape is not strong enough and some of the posters are falling off already orz… lots of money spent going into my room… merchandises and posters and cosplay… screams. it’s worth it though. i like my room.

WAIFU SHRINE ACTIVATE~ kevin got me the kurisu mug that i’ve always wanted when the guys went to ikkicon. kyaa! <3 my shrine multiplied by a lot in 2013 hehe. missing cheerful kurisu nendo and then i’ll have all 3 kurisu nendo. hehe… i have a bunch of figures on preorder already for 2014 so i’m probably not going to be able to get the rest of the steins;gate/kurisu figures that i wanted but one day!

3 months ago
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top is cosplay plans for the year and bottom is anime matsuri plans~! my plan for the year is kinda just… i don’t even know haha. half of the stuff on there are probably not going to get made. lots of seifukus or school uniforms. I LOVE SCHOOL UNIFORMS ;o;

matsuri hype hype! ? is for if i decide to not be lazy and sew something else, but for now it remains a blank spot. still have to finish kougyoku’s skirt, fix scheherazade’s staff, make all of azunyan, belts + shorten jacket for sasha… that’s a lot of work for lazy lazy me.

i guess we will see what actually got made at the end of the year. :’D

3 months ago
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ooo i haven’t updated in forever! >3< making christmas cards for my friends! 

they’re not very good ;o; i should’ve line arted them over on the computer but lazy… and they’re already late. MERRY CHRISTMAS TUMBLR! i hope everyone’s christmas day is super amazing. ♥

i think i’ll make it a new years resolution to practice more art stuff. ugh.

7 months ago
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did you know that i’m obsessed with magi??? wowowow. doodles from when i’m supposed to be taking notes/paying attention in class ww.

magi feelings… magi magi magi magi magi magi (ಥ⌣ಥ)  (ಥ⌣ಥ)  (ಥ⌣ಥ)  (ಥ⌣ಥ)